Our history within the Faculty of Political Sciences (which was established in 1859) traces back to 1960. When established in 1960, the name of the chair was “Social Policy”, and founded by Prof. Dr. Cahit Talas. As a prominent Minister of Labor, he was one of the early pioneers in social policy with his books and researches. Following his status and ecolé as an applied researcher, our department has been the pioneering one among the same departments in other universities in Turkey.


Later the chair became a department with the name of “Labor Economics and Industrial Relations”. Our undergraduate students receive “Labor Economist”  title by graduation from the faculty. Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department carry out graduate programs in addition to undergraduate program. There are four sub-disciplines and one research center within the department, which are mentioned below:

  • Labor Economics
  • Labor Law and Social Security
  • Administration and Work Psychology
  • Administration and Work Sociology
  • Social Policy Research Center (SPAUM)

As Social Policy Research Center, we carry out congresses and symposiums, provide education for different unions and NGO’s, and display cultural activities with reference to the research topics of academic staff  and scholars in our executive and advisory boards. Mainly, our aim is to promote the academic skills and voice of young “social politicians”.

Altogether, the ultimate purpose of Social Policy Research Center is to develop research and applied research projects on social policy with and under the supervision of our faculty staff; and, thereby to increase public awareness on social policy issues in Turkey, as well as contributing to the literature. We can summarize what sort of research and collaborations have so far been completed within our center with reference to the research topics of scholars: