MIGLINK- Migration and Development. Civil Society in Global Governance.

International Research Project

A joint research consortium was established by   Linköpings of Sweden, Zacatecas of Mexico and Ankara University in Turkey and the research project under the title  “MIGLINK- Migration and Development. Civil Society in Global Governance (2014-2016)” was eligible to be supported by Research Council of Sweden.

The Project will be executed by Prof. Carl-Ulrik Schierup in Sweden, Prof. Raul Delgado in Mexico and  Prof. Gülay Toksöz from Turkey.  Prof. Seyhan Erdoğdu,  Dr. Nazlı Şenses and Dr. Cavidan Soykan are also included in the research team in Turkey.


The aim of the Project: Inter governmental high-level dialogue UN forum on migration and development meetings have always been accompanied by “Civil Society Days”. Especially in the meetings done in Mexico the participation of civil society organizations had been at a significant level. The Consortium will examine the role of the civil society in policy making by making use of the GFMD experiences of 2014 Sweden and 2015 Turkey. The Consortium will create interdisciplinary information for global governance of migration from the perspective of sustainable development, mitigation of poverty, global labor and human rights and such information will be beneficial in terms of establishing capacity for governments and non governmental actors.

The Project seeks the answer to the basic question of: Can GFMD meetings in the above-mentioned countries be seen as development of global governance on migration and what will be the role of the civil society actors in such a development? The question can be classified under three groups:

  1. What is the area designated to the civil society for policy making, legislating and establishing national and international institutions in order to improve human labor and rights and human development as envisioned by GFMD process in migrant receiving and sending countries?
  2. What kind of negotiation, collaboration possibilities and possible conflict of interest exist in civil society in order to act jointly?
  3. In GFMD process would it be possible to speak about the regular improvement of the designated area for the civil society in order to be actively involved in dialogue with the governments and to make its voice heard in such dialogue?

In order to find answers to these questions the research will include methods such as document analyses,   participatory observation of official and civil society meetings during GFMD,  individual and focus group meetings.

The findings of the research project will be a valuable source of information for policy makers and civil society organizations. Workshops will be organized in three participating countries between 2014-2016 within the scope of the research and a scientific publication will be released. The first meeting was held in Zacatecas University between 26 and 28 February 2014 and the second meeting in İstanbul between 1 and 2 April 2015.

A meeting within the scope of the project was held by the Social Policy Center on the 31st of October 2014 in Ankara at the Faculty of Political Sciences. This meeting was intended to be a preliminary preparatory meeting for civil society organizations and trade unions in Turkey prior to GFMD meeting to be chaired by Turkey in Istanbul, 12-16 October 2015. In the following period information on the GFMD process was shared with CSOs  to encourage their participation.

In the Civil Society Days of the GFMD Forum in Istanbul on the 12th of October 2015 Gülay Toksöz made an opening speech in behalf of the civil society and local organizing committee  in Turkey.

Opening speeches of the Civil Society Days and following sessions can be followed from the link below.